US moves a step closer to lift entry restrictions on Indian fruits


  • Indian mangoes, grapes, pomegranates and lychees may soon find their way to the US market after Washington agreed to send its inspectors to approve the country’s pre-shipment inspection process, moving a step closer to lifting entry restrictions on Indian fruit.
  • This was decided at the first bilateral video conferencing on agriculture last week as part of the collaborative effort to resolve the outstanding trade issues, a government official said.
  • “The US assured us that they will be sending their inspectors in the coming months to approve our pre-shipment clearance process as we sought access for our mangoes, pomegranates, and lychees. Grapes consignment is almost ready to take off,” the official said. “The matter is nearly sorted.”


  • The two governments had set up a trade policy forum in November last year for regular interaction, and New Delhi has been strongly taking up non-tariff barriers imposed by Washington on Indian fresh farm products over sanitary and phytosanitary measures.
  • While India exported $279 million, or about Rs 1,733 crore, worth of grapes that year, only $30,000, or Rs 18.6 lakh, worth of Indian grapes landed in the US.
  • The issue relates to mango pesticide fumigation. India had suggested that the pre-clearance inspection be carried out by the National Plant Protection Organisation.

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