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Come and Play- Scheme


The Come & Play Scheme was initiated for optimum utilization of Sport Authority of India (SAI) sports facilities in Delhi and across the country, and primarily focussed on encouraging local sports persons in areas where SAI sports facilities/Centres are operational. While providing youth from local communities and sports enthusiasts with an opportunity to train under SAI coaches, the scheme provides yet another avenue for those not covered under regular residential/ non-residential schemes.

Selection Criterion

The `Come & Play Scheme’ essentially caters to the 8-17 age group. Following their selection, age specific competitions i.e. 8-10, 10-12 and 12-17 years are conducted twice a year. The first three position holders in the relevant age groups in these competitions are encouraged to participate in the competitions organized for selection of trainees for admission in STC/SAG schemes.

Disciplines Covered:

The specific sports disciplines to be covered are decided by the In-charge Regional Centre/Sub-Centre on the basis of available infrastructure, sports equipment and coaches.

Fee Structure:

A nominal fee of Rs. 45/- per month may be charged for specified time allotted usage. Complimentary membership (without fees) is issued to international sportspersons and national/state medal winners (both in the age group of 17-21 years) during last 3 years, children of SAI employees on yearly basis. Complimentary membership is also given to Below Poverty Line trainees. Girls trainees and children in Government schools are given membership at 1/3rd of the above mentioned fees

The trainees are provided playing arenas/non-consumable equipments like field, track, tables, mats, etc. Minimum and inescapable consumables like balls, shuttle-cocks, etc. are also provided by SAI. Trainees are, however, required to bring sports equipment like racquets, bats etc.

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