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Deleting your messages may soon be an ‘offence’


Encryption is one of the easiest ways to achieve data security. The National Encryption Policy (NEP), drafted by the Department of Electronics and Information technology (Deity), is to ensure that government law enforcing officers have easy access to any encrypted information.


  • NEP divides users in three categories- a) government department; b)business and c) citizen.
  • This policy proposes that everybody has to keep a copy of his/her messaging conversation for 90 days and if asked has to submit it to the government. .
  • The government wants to achieve confidentiality of data by protecting privacy in information and communication.
  • However, the government has stated that it does not want to excessively affect both national security as well as public safety.
  • It also said the fast growth of internet usage has made it quite necessary to put an end to cyber crime to protect the internet and increase security of information.
  • The NEP is still in a draft form and is awaited public comments till 16thOctober, 2015.
  • Public can comment for any changes in NEP on the Deity’s website or email it to [email protected]
  • After a series of debate, however, government has issued that WhatsApp and other social media like Facebook, Twitter would not come under NEP.


Source: The Hindu, HT

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