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Financial Aid for Serious Illness: Rajasthan Government

For the serious diseases, whose treatment is not cheap and costs a lot of money to the construction labor are a nightmare for the labors. To help them under this critical situation, government have come up with the scheme for financial aid to the construction labors. The financial aid which will be granted and key features are enlisted below:


  • Construction worker should be a registered employee under the Board.
  • Treatment should be done under selected hospitals.
  • At least two days to be hospitalized as patient

Application Deadline:

  • Within a year of discharge from the hospital.


Reimbursement of expenses on selected serious illness up to Rs. 1 lakh or 50% of total expenditure; whichever is less.

Diseases Covered:

                Treatment, Operation and Transplantation related to Cancer, Tumor, Neurological Disease, Tuberculosis, Heart Diseases, Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Diabetes and Silicosis.

Download Application Form: Click Here

For More Info: Click Here


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