Free Beds in District Hospital for Spinal Patients

The Government of India has initiated a scheme for setting up of State Spinal Injury Center. Under this scheme the Government has planned to set up 12 beds in district hospital to the needy patients. These 12 beds will be free of cost .The scheme will help spinal patient to be socially and economically benefited.


  • 12 Bed Facility
  • Dedicated OPD
  • Updating Orthopaedic OT with additional instrument
  • Rehabitation Facility
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic department with advanced facility
  • Teaching and Training


  • Spinal Patients


  • 12 Beds Free of cost are reserved for Spinal patients.
  • Proper medical treatment in OPD.
  • New technology will be installed in OPD

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