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Free Wi-Fi in 13,800 Villages & 200 Cities in Gujarat Soon

Around 13,800 villages and 200 major cities in the state of Gujarat will soon have free Wi-Fi connectivity at all the public places and free or at very minimal rates internet connectivity at homes/work places. The state government has planned to lay 1 lakh km long fibre optic network in the state for speedy internet connection.

The state government has processed for the formation of a new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company in partnership with the central government for the fibre optic network to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity. This new SPV will provide last mile fibre optic connectivity to every village with one gigabyte data connectivity while the cities and districts will get 10 gigabyte or more speed connectivity. Along with this, a total number of 12 fibre optic cable networks will be developed and 6 cable networks will be auctioned between the private providers provided that they develop such a business model from where they can generate revenues from different services (like advertising ect.) but they have to provide free or minimal rate internet.

According to the Secretary of Science and Technology Department Mr. Dhananjay Dwivedi, the new SPV will be registered within a month and by next 2 to 3 years more than one lakh km fibre-optic network will be developed.

Source: TOI

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