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Top Ideas Contesting for the IIM A Masterplanner @ IIM Ahmedabad

1. Soteria Solutions

Entreprenuers : Sagar & Tarang


  • A group of enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs trying to make a deep social difference.
  • Refurbished technology like smartphones are used to build products in the IOT field.
  • The first product, Novis2, is a state of the art wireless digital IP surveillance system based on old smartphones. Easy to operate, install, and service remotely.
  • It boasts a robust build with state of the art features like PTZ, record on motion only, cloud storage of recorded media, alerts, dual communication, and loads of other essential & unique features.
  • All this bundled up into a sub Rs 1000 price point to meet the demands of the average Indian consumer.
  • A major potential costumer for Novis2 is the Indian government, which has reference spent close to Rs3300 Cr on surveillance in the Indian Railways last year. This would give an idea about the potential market which exists in this field and the scope for massive disruption.
  • What is provided is a  much cheaper and effective solution to everyone’s surveillance needs.


Website link :

2. eSchoolBuddy

Entreprenuers : Amit , Rohit, Sanjay


  • A smart school store, is a one stop online platform to get all school needs, starting with school uniforms.
  • The venture is attempting to change the industry structure which is marked with niche local players and parents who  are  inconvenienced by visiting in tight time windows to school, standing in queues, while even schools see this as non core business outsourced to vendors who are challenged  for logistics.
  • Within a short span of time, the platform has serviced over 1600 orders with an average bill size of over Rs. 2200/-. The focus has been currently to address Delhi NCR region but going forward it will be looking at pan India presence.
  • This platform will be able to service parents, schools and vendors, a market which is estimated for Rs. 41,000 crores.
  • eSchoolBuddy is a commission based revenue model currently.
  • In future the model will have additional revenue stream in form of convenience charge from consumers as well.


3. Swagene

Entreprenuers : Dr Sooraj, Dr Vani


  • In 10 months of starting up, Swagene has won various industry and investor recognition by winning awards from CII, FICCI (DST-Lochkeed Martin), NASSCOM and BITS Pilani, and partnership with the University of Texas.
  • They  advanced molecular diagnostics in various medical specialties such as Gynecology, Cardiology and Oncology, which are being used by top specialists in Chennai and around.
  • Their personalized medicine initiative has been much appreciated by key opinion leaders evidenced by being invited to speak at conferences and seminars regularly on molecular medicine. As testament to the excellent science and service, Swagene has 92% doctor retention for test orders.
  • At Swagene, advanced molecular diagnostics are made highly available, accessible and affordable for diseases including infections, cancers, pregnancy, heart disease etc.


4. Legal Redressal Mechanism

Entreprenuer : Gaurav


  • Being part of a fourth generation lawyer’s family brings about certain amount of “legal” responsibility among your acquaintance.
  • Having been aware of nitty- gritty of legal world since childhood and being part of IT industry for around a decade now, gave Gaurav a holistic view on gap between “need of hour” & “legal redressal mechanism”.
  • This led to endeavor to look for various means of empowering his friends across industry and resolving lacuna in legal rights awareness among masses. Gaurav’s business Idea about providing legal redressal at a competitive price in today’s fast paced life is first step to changing “complex” outlook towards legal empowerment.
  • India’s first “to-be” mobile application will be a one stop shop for all kinds of litigation needs with a transparent and secure invoicing & payment.

5. Bugyal

Entreprenuer : Sudhanshu , Shivendra


  • Current social media is see n forget, Friend helping Friend absent for Travel.
  • The amount of dormant information in friend’s network is huge. If one can get to know Friend’s/fellow traveler’s lifetime Trip memoir, one can simply choose that, seek info from that Friend while Planning.
  • Bugyal enables Sharing Trip Memoirs, Plan & Collaborate using Friends’ Experiences and Booking.
  • Lets one discover relevant Friends’ Trip with their Usable plan thus reducing time spent on Hotel, Activity and Route selection.
  • Curates Trip planning choices with Friend’s flavor. Their insight on Hotel and suggestion are more suited according to user’s need.




6. Scrap Duniya

Entrepreneurs:  Ravi Agrawal , Siddhant Bhansali and Ashay Pahadia


  • SCRAPDUNIA values your SCRAP.
  • It is an online App/Web based platform which solves problem of collecting household scrap in return gives instant cash and hyperlocal mobile based coupons to the customers.
  • Major T.G. for ScrapDunia is Housewives, Working Professionals and College Students. ScrapDunia also operates in B2B segment, major T.G. for B2B is Colleges, Hotels, Malls, IT companies etc.


7. KnoDues

Entrepreneurs: Saket Bagda & Sahil Sethi


  • The Problem: Hanging out with friends for movies, dinners are fun & frequent. But calculating split shares and keeping a track of dues is a pain.
  • The Solution: KnoDues is a smart phone app which eases out managing the shared expenses. KnoDues allows users to record their shared expenses, split them with friends and keep a track of dues.
  • Traction: KnoDues went live on the PlayStore on August 24, 2015 and has 1500+ users, average rating of
  • 4.7 from 160 users.
  • The App will be available on iOS in November 2015.



8. Confident India

Entrepreneurs: Suhas Pawar


  • To bridge the gap between Modern India and ‘aspiring- to- be- modern’ Bharat, Youva Bharati commits itself in giving adequate opportunities in higher education for students coming from Indian vernacular medium.
  • ‘Years of research have shown that children who begin their education in their mother tongue make a better start, and continue to perform better, than those for whom school starts with a new language.
  • The same applies to adults seeking to become literate. This conclusion is now widely implemented, although we still hear of governments that insist on imposing a foreign language of instruction on young children, either in a mistaken attempt at modernity or to express the pre-eminence of a social dominant group.’ (
  • Youva Bharati plans to provide online and printed study material and online and T.V. courses for students, to help them cope with all higher education through their comfort first language.


9. Coeo Labs- VAPCare

Entrepreneurs: Nitesh Jangir, Nachiket Deval


  • Coeo Labs is a Bangalore-based Medical technology startup, developing innovative medical devices catering to the Emergency and Critical Care space.
  • The company is dedicated to taking innovative and out of the box ideas to tangible products.
  • Their domain expertise remains in research, design and development of products through, in-depth clinical research, unmet need analysis and using structured process from idea generation to manufacturing.


10. Pyoopel

Entrepreneurs: Swati Choudhary, Bharat Patodi


  • Pyoopel is a test prep MOOC (Massively Open Online Courseware) focused on becoming an international destination for students to prepare for their entrance tests completely free.
  •  Pyoopel was launched as a beta on Christmas in 2014. Since then they have launched 8+ courses (CAT, CMAT, CLAT, IBPS, GRE, NDA, CDS & SSC). We have received 9000+ registrations, and garnered immense feedback from students (most of it is positive).
  • They ran a crowdfunding campaign in August 2015. About 100+ backers helped us raise $2000+.
  • Used this money to upgrade our studio and make better, more engaging videos.
  • In the coming quarters, more instructors and volunteers would be added to our team.
  • By December 2017, it will be ensured that everyone around the world has a choice to prepare for their entrance tests for free.

11. CharityTab


  • It is a young social entrepreneurial venture, by the students of BITS Pilani that provides a gamification platform to generate funds for charity, without spending a single penny of the user.
  • They provide small curated games for the users to enjoy on their browsers, with various one-touch productivity tools, and simultaneously raise funds for your favorite NGOs as you browse the internet.
  • Contribute your bit by requesting for an invite on our website

12. Rent A Lot

Entrepreneurs: Vineet Gupta, S. Parameswaran, Ayush Sharma, Nishant Paliwal


  • The idea is to create a platform for consumers to rent reusable and expensive items for pressing, infrequently occurring or short-duration occasions like camping equipment and party decorations.
  • The value-chain includes retailers along with peer-lending to satisfy the needs of consumers.

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