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“Government is for everyone”, here is everything you need to know about “Indian Sign Language and Training Centre”

Hearing impaired people remain socially backward because of their incapability to pace with normal people. Many times this lowers their self esteem. To eradicate this problem, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has established “Indian Sign Language and Training Centre” to help hearing impaired people.


  • To develop manpower of using, teaching and conducting research in Indian Sign Language.
  • Promotion of sign language as an educational mode for hearing impaired students.
  • Research collaboration with universities and educational institutions.
  • Orientation and training of government officials, teachers and professionals.


  • Hearing impaired persons.


  • To provide sign language education across India.
  • Increased accessibility for the hearing impaired in education, in the workplace and in all activities of public life.
  • Equal opportunities to hearing impaired persons to fully participate in every sphere of life.

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