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Gujarat: Assistance For Center OF Excellence In Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector has pivotal role in facilitating investment in the state, employment generation and employability enhancement and adherence to high quality standards resulting in social and economic development of the State. The overall growth rate of manufacturing sector in India is below its potential, the Central Govt. has laid emphasis on the growth of manufacturing sector, along which Gujarat Govt. has introduced this scheme.


  • To promote and encourage PPP mode in the manufacturing sector.

Period of Operation:

The scheme will remain in operation for period of 5 years from 2015 to 2020.

Eligible Units:

  • Center of Excellence in PPP mode with State/State institution/Industrial Units/Professional institutes are eligible for this scheme.


Benefits will be provided in the form of financial assistance by Govt.:

  • One time assistance up to 70% of the total expenditure, including recurring expenditure for 3 years, limited to Rs. 20 Crores in the case of national level center of excellence promoting value addition in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • In the case of international level center of excellence, assistance will be 70% of total expenditure but limited to Rs. 30 Crores.

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