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Here are the details of Water Management System under PMKSY

During the post independence era, a large number of irrigation projects were constructed for increasing agricultural production in   the country.   However, during early seventies analysis of irrigation potential created and utilised revealed that there was a substantial gap between them.

To fill the gap, the Government of India initiated a Centrally Sponsored Command Area Development Programme (CADP) in December 1974 to improve irrigation potential utilisation and optimise agricultural production from irrigated land through integrated and coordinated approach of efficient water management.


  • Enforcement of warabandi, land levelling and shaping, realignment of field boundaries/ consolidation of holdings.
  • Introduction of suitable cropping patterns, strengthening of extension services etc.
  • Farmers’ participation and reclamation of waterlogged.


Eligible Farmers:

  • Farmers involved in irrigation.

Eligible Organization:

  • States which levy charges on water and electricity for irrigation.
  • States who wants to facilitate water management facility.


Financial Assistance for command area development.



Revised Cost Norm (central share)

for XII Plan

1 Survey, Planning and designing of

OFD(On-Farm Development) Works.


50% of actual expenditure or

Rs.600/ha whichever is less.

2 Construction of lined filed

channels /underground pipelines.


50% of actual expenditure or

Rs.17,500/- per ha., for construction

of lined channels including allied

structures like cistern, measuring

devices, drop structures, division boxes,

turnouts, flumes.


3 Mechanised land leveling in the

hilly/difficult areas.


50% of actual expenditure.
4 Micro-irrigation in at least 10%

area of CCA of each project or 40

hectares, whichever is maximum.


Rs.25000/ha or 50% of actual

expenditure whichever is less.

(Estimated cost of infrastructure is

Rs.50,000/- per ha)


5 Construction of Field, intermediate

and link drains.


50% of actual expenditure or

Rs.3,000/ha whichever is less.

6 Correction of system deficiencies in

systems of capacity up to 4.25

cumec (150 cusec)


50% of actual expenditure or

Rs.4,000/ha whichever is less as

central assistance

7 Reclamation of water logged areas

(i) Surface drainage

(ii) Sub-surface drainage

50% of actual expenditure or

Rs.10,000/ ha whichever is less

(assumed cost is Rs.20,000/- per ha),

which may be explored for

convergence with the MGNREGA, in

case of earth works.


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