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How does Aadhaar card work?


  • The Aadhaar card is a Unique Identification (UID) number, which would serve as proof of identity and address all over India and are saved in a central database.
  • The aim is to prove the successful use of the Aadhaar APIs (Application Program Interface), which were already provided to the contestants and it includes information such as biometric authentication, biometric eKYC, and demographic authentication.
  • By using the Aadhaar API for verification of identity, the True Scholar app can prevent impersonation during exams, providing a central database for exam results and online registrations for examinations.
  • With Aadhaarical app, people can drive around without documents and a complete verification, if required, is possible via the Aadhaar card itself, it provides for easier reporting of vehicle theft, car towing notification, can help track missing vehicles, and can also be useful in challan issuance.
  • Aadhaaric Licenc app is one basically helps people obtain their driving licences without going through those long queues and endless waits.
  • Samaadhaar app is built with the aim of connecting people who do not have access to the internet across India, to products and service providers and is basically a social marketplace for non-internet users.

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