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Unlike Chinese and Pakistani citizens, Iranians won’t be extra scrutinized for Indian visa

In a symbolic move of strengthening Indo-Iran relations, India has eased the visa process for Iranians. Indian PM Narendra Modi promised to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the world powers meet over Iran nuclear deal in Ufa, Russia this July. He assured his Iranian counterpart to bring Iran in liberalized visa regime.

Now, Iran will be out of the restricted Prior Referral Category (PRC) for countries of issuing visas. The countries under PRC – India grants visa only after thoroughly background check provided by the Indian consulate in that country. Currently China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen fall into this category.

The bilateral relations have gone through hick-ups after US-led countries sanctioned Iran alleging his development of nuclear arsenal. But after the diplomatic victory of ‘P5+1 and Iran nuclear deal’ in forging a deal, both countries are optimistic about carving out mutual beneficial economic and security deals.

The upcoming Indo-Iran Joint meeting in December led by foreign minister Sushma Swaraj with Iranian economic minister is expected to focus on unexplored areas of trade, investment, security and connectivity. The already delayed Chabahar port will be another concerned area for India.

Source: ET

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