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Indian PM steals the show with the proposal of Global Solar Alliance in Paris Summit

India’s proposal for a global solar alliance of nations and industry on large scale expansion of solar energy has been seen as a constructive approach towards fighting against climate change. During the recent Paris Climate Summit, Indian PM Modi proposed this ambitious alliance which will consist of 120 countries including many European countries such as France. Additionally, it will be headquartered in India.

Fossil fuels put the planet in perils and there is a need of comprehensive policies and initiatives especially in developing countries to replace it with sustainable energy production, Modi said during his speech at the summit held in France.

The Indian government will invest $30 million in setting up the alliance’s headquarter in India. The government expects to receive $400 million through membership and internatiponal agencies.

Tata Steel, HSBC France and Areva and few other companies will also be involved in this project.

UN General Secretary Ban ki-moon linked this initiative with the UN development goal of achieving access to sustainable energy by 2030.

There are speculations about this initiative because, without access to latest technology and investments the pressure will be felt by Indian leadership. However, everyone has welcomed this step.


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