20 MT more output to make India urea surplus this year

  • India is soon going to become urea surplus nation and will start exporting as it plans to produce additional 20 million tonnes of the fertiliser this year, said Fertiliser Minister Ananth Kumar.
  • The country consumes 31 million tonnes of urea annually, out of which 23 mt is produced and rest is imported.
  • The production of urea from the new unit will be more than double i.e. 3.6 to 8.64 lakh metric tonnes annually.
  • India is likely to start export of urea and it would translate into a saving of about 600 crore annually to the government due to reduction in cost of production and import substitution.
  • Government subsidy for urea amounts to around 75 per cent of production cost.

Source: EconomicTimes

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