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India’s first privately run Bharat Gaurav Train under “Bharat Gaurav Scheme”

Bharat Gaurav Scheme is a government scheme through which trains now have a third segment for tourists, thanks to the plan, which was launched in November 2021. Previously, the railways had passenger and goods segments.

Key features of the Bharat Gaurav Scheme:

  • These are not ordinary trains that will run according to a schedule but will be more along the lines of the IRCTC’s Ramayana Express.
  • It was announced as part of the tourism circuit trains with a theme. These trains will be run in theme-based circuits by both private players and the IRCTC.
  • The rails mean trains like Guru Kripa, which visits all areas associated with Guru Nanak, or a Ramayana-themed train, which visits places associated with Lord Ram.
  • Anyone can apply to take these trains and run them on special tourism circuits based on a theme, including groups, trusts, consortia, and even state governments.
  • Tourists will be able to purchase all-inclusive packages that include rail travel, hotel accommodations, sightseeing arrangements, visits to historical/heritage sites, and tour guides, among other things.

Objectives of Bharat Gaurav Trains

  • Indian Railways will begin operating a theme-based Bharat Gaurav train in November 2021. With the help of Bharat Gaurav Trains, this theme strives to present to the people of India India’s rich cultural and wonderful historical destinations.
  • This project also hopes to use the tourist industry’s basic competencies to establish theme-based trains, allowing it to tap into India’s tremendous tourism potential.
  • The trains will be managed by commercial operators and run-on theme-based circuits.
  • The Railways has liberalized and streamlined a section of operations that was formerly mostly handled by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation under this policy, which grants operators the “Right of Use” of its rakes and equipment (IRCTC).

Benefits of Bharat Gaurav Scheme:

  • These trains will enable people in India and around the world to understand India’s rich cultural heritage and spectacular historical sites.
  • They will also aid in the development of India’s tremendous tourism potential.
  • There will also be a doctor on board to deal with any emergencies, and private security has been hired to work alongside the Railway Police Force to keep the train secure.
  • Meanwhile, AC mechanics, electricians, and Fire and Safety Officers would be on board.


First AC Coach -1, 3-tier AC coaches-8, Sleeper Class coaches-5, 2-tier AC coaches – 3, Pantry car-1 and Luggage-cum-brake Vans-2. (Total – 20 coaches).

Role of Indian Railway in Bharat Gaurav Scheme

  • It will offer train drivers, guards, and maintenance personnel for the coaches on board. Other personnel, such as housekeeping and catering, will be assigned by the operator.
  • It will also make sure that all of the necessary infrastructures are in place to safely and efficiently host the train on its network.
  • It will also give these trains priority in their paths, such as Rajdhanis and premium trains so that they are neither delayed nor bypassed in order to create room for normal trains.

Charge for ‘Right of Use’

  • The annual ‘Right of Use’ charges are computed based on the type of coach used and the length of time it was used.
  • The first year’s Right of Use charges must be paid upfront in the Bharat Gaurav plan, and the second year must be paid 15 days before the previous year’s end.
  • If you don’t pay on time, you’ll be charged a penalty equal to the bank’s current interest rate plus a 3% administration fee.
  • The Right of Use may be cancelled if it is not paid within 30 days.

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