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Indian nuclear plants run at 90% capacity

  • The International 123 Civil Nuclear Agreement which was firmed up by PM Modi and US President Barack Obama on the 25th of Jan 2015, has boosted the capacity of all Indian Nuclear Power Plant to touch 90% power generating capacity.
  • An agreement with the Nuclear Suppliers Group in Sept 2008 opened up the scope for the supply of not only Nuclear Fuel but also Nuclear Reactors from various countries.
  • Pakistan, which was reeling under international sanctions on Nuclear Technology and Fuel was not treated equally like India because of its weapons proliferation record in the black market.
  • Following the final Civil-Nuclear Agreement in Jan 2015 which was endorsed by Modi and Obama, the performance of the reactors went up to 90%.
  • The 123 Indo-US Civil Nuclear deal ended India’s Nuclear isolation and opened up the country to international industries. This would not have been possible without the steadfast dedication and trust of the United States on India as a responsible Nuclear Power.
  • There are currently a number of new Nuclear Power plants currently being developed and more being planned and all that with lifetime nuclear fuel guarantees from suppliers across the world.

Source: Defence News

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