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India’s first Startup and Innovation Policy for Students: Gujarat

Gujarat government has come up with India’s first student startup and innovation policy, which aims to provide-

  • Rs. 200 crore in the form of grants to ideas developed by them.
  • To support over 1,000 innovation per year and create pre-incubation support in all universities of the state.

The policy will support student-led startups and innovations as well as create an Innovation and Pre-incubation Ecosystem Support (IPIES) across all universities of the state.

The Student Startup and Innovation Policy developed under the aegis of Education Department was announced by the Chief Minster of Gujarat Vijaybhai Rupani.

Earlier in 2015, Gujarat came out with startup-assistant scheme, a part of Gujarat Industrial Policy ,and in 2016 the state came up with its Information Technology Startup Policy.

Under the pre-incubation support, it would help convert ideas of students from proof of concept (PoC) upto minimum viable proto type (MVP), besides providing support for patent filing.

The policy’s target is to create a conducive environment enabling 1% of  graduates to become job creators, and the Student Innovation Fund would help develop an innovation and pre-incubation ecosystem across the state.

Source: Economic Times

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