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India’s investment climate better than BRIC peers: Survey


  • India has “better investment climate” than other BRIC nations even as regulatory and tax system-related challenges are impacting immediate investment plans, says a survey of top executives of German companies.
  • More than 90 CEOs and CFOs from leading German high-tech companies participated in the survey done by global consultancy EY and research firm Delphi.
  • Investors recognize India’s market growth, large market size and efforts to attract FDIwhile the perceived obstacles, are its infrastructure, administration and regulation, the study said.
  • As per the study, Indo-German collaboration in high-tech manufacturing can become an important part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative.Out of 13 high-tech Manufacturing sectors analysed, seven offer greatest convergence for Indo-German collaboration,” it noted.Automotive, civil aviation and airports, transportation infrastructure, water; renewable energy and heavy engineering are among the seven sectors.

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