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Amendments in Consumer Protection, Bureau of Indian Standards Act


  • The Consumer Affairs Ministry has moved a Cabinet note for making amendments to the Consumers Protection Act and the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.
  • The amendments, among other things, seek to create a Consumer Protection Authority on the lines of the US and European countries for fast-tracking redressal of grievances.
  • Paswan said the government has initiated steps for incorporating sufficient provisions for protection of consumers of online shopping under the act.


  • The bills provide for punishment, up to life imprisonment in certain cases, for food poisoning and also has a provision for product liability.
  • If any consumer complaint affects more than one individual, that issue will go to the Authority, which will have the power to recall the product and cancel the licences.
  • Under the new proposed law, provisions will be applicable to a cross section of products ranging from cars to flats.
  • Besides giving back the invested money of consumers, the service providers will also have to take in to account the inconvenience faced by passengers (air travelers) and the resultant losses.

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