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Infiltration bids: Along International Border


  • The latest intelligence estimates on infiltration bids on the LoC suggest that in the first quarter of this year, only one attempt was made by militant groups to breach the border.
  • In contrast, troops along the disputed border had their hands full last year when militants attempted to infiltrate on 22 different occasions in the same period. These attempts were made at different sections of the Line of Control and intelligence estimates suggested that at least 10 militants managed to sneak in during the first three months of 2014.

Point to Worry

  • While the number of infiltration attempts on the 197 km stretch of the IB has been recorded as only three by the Border Security Force this year, against the nine attempts that were made the entire last year, there were over 160 ceasefire violations.
  • The suspicion is that militants will attempt to use the IB route more often now for infiltration, under the cover of cross border firing that makes it impossible for BSF troopers to patrol effectively.

Possible Solution

  • While the Army presently is not deployed in a counter insurgency role on the IB, local commanders have tasked units at various locations to be on the ready for quick reaction to infiltration bids and attacks.
  • Army could support the formation of a second line of defence with some of its units that are already placed in the area.

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