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Innovation Policy: Telangana

Innovation is usually associated with development of new products that represent performance or functional improvements over existing ones. These are categorized as “product innovations” and are usually more visible compared to “process innovations”. Given the benefit of a dynamic young population with more than half of the country’s population under 25 years old and the urgent imperative for change coming from almost every segment and region, India is on the path towards an innovation led, rapid and inclusive growth to achieve social and economic transformation.


  • Developing physical infrastructure & program management capabilities.
  • Focus on creating sustainable funding models, through funds and other instruments.
  • Develop human capital, by creating the right environment and support systems for learning, experimentation and innovation from the early phases of education.
  • Proactive engagement with industry to continuously promote and identify innovation.
  • Encourage startups in the Rural and Social Enterprise space by providing additional incentives.


  • Physical Infrastructure and Program Management Capabilities.
  • Funding Models & Capital.
  • Human Capital.
  • Engagement with Industry.
  • Rural and Social Enterprises.

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