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J&K Govt. Launches UPSC Civil Services Coaching Programme For Tribal Students

The Tribal Affairs Department has launched a brand-new programme for government-funded tutoring of tribal students aiming for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. One hundred tribal youngsters will receive intensive coaching and educational support as part of the Stars-100 coaching initiative.

After the introduction of the Technology Enabled Education Scheme (TEES), NEET/JEE coaching, and special scholarship, the Civil Services Examination coaching programme is yet another tribal education initiative aimed at providing the desperately needed coaching facilities that the students are unable to afford.

What Minister have to say about the Scheme-

Dr. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, secretary of the Tribal Affairs Department, reported that the department has made education a priority in the annual action plan this year in accordance with the Lieutenant Governor’s proclamation for a targeted approach to tribal welfare. Tribal education has received special attention from Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, who also serves as the chairman of the top executive committee for tribal welfare. He has also ordered proactive action in this area.

Beneficiary from the scheme-

Graduate students from underprivileged and vulnerable tribal tribes who wish to sit for the UPSC and J&K PSC Civil Services Examinations will be chosen through an online application process under the Stars-100 programme.

Advantages from the scheme-

The department’s coaching support will pay for both tuition and course materials at the institutions that have been granted empanelled status. The process’s chosen candidates will need to submit a commitment to keep up their attendance. The agency has also developed a system for routinely assessing and keeping track of the standard of coaching at accredited institutes.

The department’s plan will be carried out by the Tribal Research Institute’s Education division, which was founded in August 2021 and has already made a name for itself nationally in the fields of tribal culture, literature, education, planning, action research, and planning for tribal welfare and empowerment.

Information about the application forms-

The TRI has announced that it is accepting applications from interested, qualified tribal youngsters for coaching in Civil Services Examination courses. The deadline for applications has been set for July 20, 2022, and classes will start in August in Jammu and Srinagar. The department has announced a 30% reservation for female students as part of a significant step toward gender equality and employment.

The programmes make an effort to strike a delicate balance between students’ economic circumstances and academic achievement while giving vulnerable populations in tribal communities their fair share of representation. Additionally, it has been incorporated with the J&K government’s Aspirational Block programme to provide fair educational services and facilities in such remote locations.

In order to guarantee consistent annual budgetary support and future improvement based on student demand, the coaching programme has been incorporated in the CapEx budget of the Tribal Affairs Department. To offer in-house coaching and student skill development, a similar effort for dormitory residents is also being considered.

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