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Start in Kerala – MacBook Air, iPhone6 and iPad can be Yours!

You probably wouldn’t believe but it’s true. Kerala government is providing Apple phones and laptops and many more to aspiring entrepreneurs in the state under the program called ‘Start-Up Box Program’.

This start-up kit is designed to distribute among various technology and industry verticals. The motive behind this scheme is to encourage young innovative minds and college students to create varied applications in different platforms.  It is a well-known fact that in coming future more jobs will be created in technology and IT sphere as internet users are increasing at a faster speed.

50 talented teams will be selected every year and their ideas will be materialized into technical business ideas. Start-Up Initiative will provide assistance to 50 teams comprising college students. The students will be selected through BootCamp and the Startup Kerala Tool Box – the other two programs under which teams will be chosen.

This initiative’s one of the main objective is to address the lack of courage, initiative and encouragement to attempt new and innovative ventures. Kerala government is keen on fostering young entrepreneurship and providing them best technological advancements will surely boost the morale of the young innovative minds.

The engineering graduates in Kerala will now get a much needed boost as ‘Start UP Village’, rolling out its ‘FINTECH Studio’ scheme, which provide new tools and devices in order to convert their dreams into a reality.

Every team will get a complete set of following items:

  1. iPhone6
  2. iPad mini
  3. Mac Book Air
  4. Nexus 5
  5. Display Adapter
  6. Kindle
  7. 1TB Hard Disk
  8. Arduino Starter Kit

For more information on Start-Up Box, Visit at:

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