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Market Information Service for Horticulture Crops

This is one of the sub-scheme under National Horticulture Board (NGB).


  1. To generate information on wholesale prices, arrivals and trends in various markets of the country for important fruits, vegetables & flowers etc and also on retail prices for increased number of selected markets
  2. To analyze the trends of arrivals, prices and other related factors of the selected fruit and vegetables such as stock in storage, crop stand etc and generate Market Intelligence Reports
  3. To establish a nation-wide communication network for speedy collection and dissemination of market information data for its efficient and timely utilization.
  4. To prepare farmers’ advisory and issue the same for the benefit of producer farmers especially by making use of statistics so generated and collected for optimizing returns to the producers
  5. To collect and compile horticulture database and strengthen existing system of ‘Crop Estimation Survey-Fruits & Vegetables’ (CES-F&V) as far as possible
  6. Information dissemination through publicity, advertisements, films, printed literature etc.
  7. Development of technology packages in electronic form to be shared through IT

Pattern of assistance: Project based as per actual cost

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