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Horticulture Promotion Service of NHB

Under this component, specialized studies and surveys shall be carried and study / survey reports shall be brought out for use by targeted beneficiaries. In addition, technical laboratories shall be set up or cause to be set up and also provide technical services including advisory and consultancy services. This shall be done by NHB with or without services of outsourced experts.


  1. Review the present situation of horticulture development in particular area/ State
  2. Identify constraints in horticulture development and suggest remedial measures
  3. Develop short term and long term strategies for systematic development of horticulture
  4. Develop primary/secondary data of various aspects on horticulture
  5. Provide consultancy services, expert services & establishing labs etc. in pursuance there of
  6. Conduct technical scrutiny and certification of cold chain infrastructure as per implementation protocol for Technical Standards for cold storages etc.
  7. Preparing reports relating to export competitiveness in the area of fresh horticulture produce
  8. Any other component of expert services provided by NHB addressing to identified needs of the sector

Pattern of Assistance for above components:

100% cost of the study shall be borne by the Board.

Nodal Organizations

  1. NHB itself
  2. State Governments/UT’s and organizations under it
  3. Central Government Organizations/ agencies
  4. Other organizations such as Quality Council of India / NHRDF etc.

Criteria for empanelment of consultants / consultancy firms

  1. The consultancy firms should be registered and it should be multi-disciplinary having minimum experience of 3-5 years. Individual consultants or subject matter specialist of horticulture /agriculture experts, economist/management/ legal / personnel/ financial/ marketing/ information-technology experts etc, can be engaged for specific activities, where the expertise of an individual will meet requirement.
  2. The consultants must have expertise and experience in the field of horticulture, financial management, project formulation, project evaluation, monitoring etc.
  3. Consultants should have capability, as evident from their past experience in similar work in relevant field such as agriculture/ horticulture/post-harvest management / refrigeration, e-governance, marketing and exports.
  4. The consultants must have required infrastructure for taking up consultancy as per job requirements
  5. Preference would be given to such consultancy firms, who have experience in conducting similar studies for similar conditions
  6. Individual consultant/experts, resource person at different level may also be engaged who will provide technical services and their honorarium will commensurate with their qualification and experience as per approved rates under National Level TSG of MIDH. The selection of experts for specific/multi disciplinary studies shall be finalized by the committee of NHB keeping in mind their known professionalism in the field.
  7. Fresh Horticulture/Agriculture graduates as per approved rates of TSG component of MIDH may also be engaged as per need

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