Modi’s new Group Think: Secretaries get more power


  • There will be  eight working groups
  • Each group will have 9-11 members
  • It will cover the following areas: industry; skill development; infrastructure relating to rail, road & air; urban development; rural infrastructure and human resource management; agriculture and agro processing; financial services; health and social issues.


  • The government’s directive to these groups of top bureaucrats is that they must first identify two schemes that can be tailored for better delivery as quickly as in three months.
  • The groups have also been told to identify two existing projects or schemes that can be transformed in the long term but with minimal budgetary support.


  • The working groups will further “assign responsibilities to concerned ministries” to implement specific steps.
  • Not just that, they will assign “time limits for achievement” of milestones, devise methods of “periodic monitoring” and “final evaluation” followed by “ways of maintenance”.
  • While the idea was to have the schemes and projects identified by April-end itself, senior officials said, the process will take longer because these groups have just begun to hold meetings.

Source: ET

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