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PM Modi to Talk about Nukes and Counter-Terrorism at Nuclear Security Summit in Washington

India will push forward the agenda for a much stronger and collective global mechanism to prevent the situation of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of deadly terrorists like the Islamic State as well as to combat the growing presence of ISIS and other extremist groups in specially the Afghanistan-Pakistan region when PM Narendra Modi participates in the fourth edition of the two-day Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Washington DC starting from March 31st.

  • NSS- an initiative launched by the US President Barack Obama in 2010 to prevent nuclear terrorism around the globe as nuclear terrorism is described as the greatest threat to international security. This is going to be the maiden participation from Narendra Modi and it is expected that the Prime Minister will stress on the extreme significance and consequences of preventing nukes to fall into the hands of terrorists those are growing in Afghanistan—Pakistan region to West Asia and across North Africa, Europe, USA and Eurasian region.
  • However, Russia is going to boycott the summit because according to the country which is also one of the significant nuclear powerhouses in the world, USA has rather avoided the established institutions to deal with the threat of global nuclear terrorism. More than 50 countries are expected to attend the global summit. According to an official source, there is a unanimous support from nations for counter-terrorism amidst the ongoing expansion of ISIS as well as the turmoil situation in the AF-Pak region which has duly bothered India. So, India in this summit will be on prime focus to voice its strong opinion to prevent nukes falling into the hands of terrorists.
  • India will also present a progress report highlighting the measures taken by the government to strengthen security for installing nuclear plants in the country. India’s Department of Atomic Energy plays an important role in this mechanism. This mechanism is also important in facilitating India’s efforts to have its nuclear energy expanded within the next few years. However, in the NSS, nations are requested to improve their nuclear security mechanism under the Washington Plan.
  • It is reported that this fourth and final edition of the summit will adopt a five-point action plan as a futuristic mechanism which can be carry forward on the outcomes of the two day summit. This process will include International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), UN, Interpol, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) and G-8 and all of these agencies will ensure of strengthening collective global security mechanism against terrorism. India is also an active member of all these groups excluding G-8.

(Source: ET)

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