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Rajasthan: Vocational Qualification Assistance Scheme

RIICO, Rajasthan Government has introduced “Vocational Qualification Assistance Scheme” for the wards of affected Land owners of RIICO industrial areas and to provide financial assistance for community welfare projects in the villages affected by new industries with a view to ensure a linkage between the developments of the local community with the process of industrialization.

Key Objectives:

  • To assist the wards of affected land owner families in acquiring Vocational Qualification leading to enhancement of their employable skills.
  • To enhance employment opportunities of the wards.
  • To uplift the social status of these families.


  • Any Son/Daughter/Grand Son/Grand Daughter Candidates of the Land Owner, who has got admission in any of the Institution/Vocational Qualification course during the current financial year or will get admission in following years, will be eligible to get benefit under the Scheme.
  • The Scheme will be limited to maximum two candidates belonging to an affected land owner family and for acquiring any one Vocational Qualification only, by each of them.
  • Age of Candidate should be between 16-35 Years.

Financial Assistance:

90% of Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee including the lodging and boarding will be reimbursed for completing the full course/qualification within the stipulated/prescribed duration of the course.

How to Avail:

For availing assistance candidate will have to submit the prescribed application form along with required documents/proof, to the office of concerned RIICO Unit, which has acquired the land from the land owner.

For More Information Regarding Available Courses: Click Here

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