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Scheme for Protection of Women:Telangana

The Government of Telangana has initiated scheme for empowerment and protection of women in the society. The scheme is generated to enhance the status of women in the society and to give equal opportunity to them. Various policies on women development are listed in benefits category.


To protect the Rights of the Women.


Women in Talangana State.


  • Financial Assistance to the victims of rape,dowry,kidnap,trafficking and acid attack
  • Ujjwala Scheme
  • Swadhar Scheme- rescue home, state home.
  • Protection of women from domestic violence act-2005
  • Dowry Prohibition Act
  • Sexual Harassments of Women at Work Place.
  • The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act -2006
  • Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana
  • AP Women Coperative Development Corporation
  • State Commision For Women

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