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Scheme of Boys and Girls Hostels for OBC: Haryana

To enhance and motivate education among the other backward classes of state, this scheme was launched. The scheme is sponsored 50:50 by Central Government and State Government. Welfare of Scheduled Caste and Backward Classes Department implements this scheme. The position of women in terms of literacy among OBC’s population is a cause of concern. Considering the important role of women in shaping the size of the family and outlook of its members, education is a necessity in the women of state. The Salient features of this scheme are enlisted below:

  • The Scheme aims at proving better education opportunities to students belonging to socially and educationally backward classes.
  • This scheme does not cover students belonging to the creamy layer.
  • The Hostels under the scheme will be constructed in areas which have a large OBC population but inadequate hostel facilities.
  • These Hostels will be constructed for middle, secondary, college and university level students.
  • Out of the Hostels to be set up under this Scheme at least one third will be exclusively for girls.
  • 5 % of the total seats in these Hostels shall be reserved for disabled students.
  • The hostels under the scheme should be constructed at any place where the concerned educational institutions are situated keeping in view the concentrations of OBC population in the particular place/area where the educational facilities are inadequate.
  • Each institution will be provided central assistance for construction of girls/boys hostels for a maximum of 100 seats.
  • Under the Scheme 50% central assistance will be given for such construction in such cases the remaining 50% of the construction cost will be borne by State Govt.
  • The Final Evaluation will be done by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Justice.

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