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Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY)


“Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY)”, aimed at imparting skill-based training to rural youth on agri-based vocational areas in compliance with National Policy on Skill Development & Entrepreneurship-2015 in agriculture & allied areas to promote employment in rural areas.


  • Offer modular skill training opportunities to rural youths including farmers and farm-women, based on local needs.
  • Create a pool of skilled manpower to perform farm and non-farm operations.


Rural youth of the age group of 18 years and above with minimum qualification, preferably 5th standard, however, the minimum qualification is not mandatory.

Cost Norms for one training/ Distt. :

Duration of one Training Minimum No. of Trainee/Trg. Cost/Day/Trainee Total cost on 1 Trg @ 15 Trainees/Trg. Total cost on 4 trainings/ district/year
6+1 (including 1 day travel plan) 15 400 15 x 4000 x 7 = 42,000 42,000 x 4 = 1,68,000


Limit of Rs.400/-per day/per trainee is for District level training only if it is residential, otherwise Rs.250/-per day/per trainee is applicable.


An amount of Rs. 400/- per day / trainee shall be incurred & will be inclusive of;

  1. Travel cost by bus or second class sleeper.
  2. Refreshments / meals and stay during training.
  3. Expenditure on training venue, training material and agricultural inputs etc.
  4. Cost of honorarium and/or travel of the resource person.

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