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$10-billion Push for Chip Manufacturing: Make In India


  • The Centre plans to pump $10 billion into facilities in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, where a consortium of firms have come up as production bases.
  • India would also be investing $400 million in developing an Indian version of micro-processor.
  • Infrastructure for chip manufacturing and designing will be considerably strengthened in India.
  • Make in India coupled with Digital India program initiated recently by the government, can renew the interest in electronics production in the country and can help India achieve the target set for zero import of electronics into the country by 2020.


  • This is a part of India’s plan to meet a growing domestic demand and reduce imports in the next few years.
  • These are part of the initiatives that are under way to create an ecosystem that focuses on high-ended innovation.
  • A dedicated Electronics Development Fund had been created to leverage the use of venture capital funds to promote more start-ups in the country .

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