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National Training Policy- For Government Employees

Government employees play a pivotal role in realizing the goals of the Government in a process for changing its role in the dynamic political and socio-economic environment and the rising expectation of the people for rapid development. The process can be greatly accelerated by training the employees to adequately equip them for enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, sensitivity and responsive behavior towards the people. The role of training in improving performance of the government is most crucial and important. This calls for a sound and conscious training policy in the State especially since National Training Policy, 1996.


  1. To develop professional knowledge and skills for impartial and efficient Civil Service, proper ethics and commitment to work that is responsive to the needs of the citizens.
  2. The competency framework as a tool to ensure that Civil Servants have the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively perform the functions they are entrusted with.
  3. To increase Job satisfaction and facilitate career progression.
  4. To motivate and enable all public servants to contribute positively to the transformation of the society, economy and polity.

Training Target: All categories of Civil Servants will be provided with training to equip them with the competencies for their current or future jobs.

State Administrative Training Institute

Training may be imparted at the Administrative Training Institute or at the work places or decentralized basis at District, Sub-Divisional levels or by distance learning. The Institute provides training to the officials of the State Governments, Non- Government Organizations in the areas of Computer and Disaster Management.

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