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Tirth Gram Yojana: Gujarat Government

The Tirth Gram Yojana is formulated by Gujarat Government to strengthen the goodwill amongst people living in the rural areas of the state, to promote unity and help the overall development of village. The areas encouraged by this plan are: Brotherhood, Social Goodwill, Peace and Overall Development of Village.

Standards for Selection of Village:

  • The village panchayat which has been unanimously elected without any competition in the village elections is declared as a “Samaras” village. The village which has been declared as a “Samaras” village will get priority for selection according to this plan.
  • Villages with no crime for the preceding 5 years get selected.
  • There should be no production, sale or intake of any intoxicating substances.
  • The proper level of hygiene and sanitation should be maintained.
  • High level of female development and low level of dropouts is necessary.
  • Communal goodwill should be high and communal disputes should be low.
  • Disputes should be solved with discussions.
  • There should be no controversy regarding the religious sites of the village.
  • The scheduled castes and tribes should have access to the same level of primary facilities as the other villagers
  • The people of the village should participate equally in registration of dates for the midday meal.
  • There should be mutual participation for purchasing schoolrooms, Vidhya Laxmi Bonds and other study materials.
  • There should be a strict implementation for the eradication of untouchability.
  • There should bodies with good achievements in the domain of construction of irrigation plans, ponds and other water sources.


                 The State government provides Rs 1 Lakh to the village selected as Tirth Gram.

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