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West Bengal: Scheme For Establishment Of Trout Feed Mills

Feeding is a must in farming of trout as they need nutritive feeds with high protein levels. They are specially formulated and extruded to avoid wastage of feed when cultured in running water/raceway systems. In order increase the production levels of trout in hill districts there is a need to establish feed mills so that the feeds are readily available for feeding fishes in culture systems, National Fisheries Development Board is providing subsidy to State Fisheries Department/Research Institutes and Quasi Govt. Organizations.


  • State Fisheries Departments/Research Institutes/Quasi Government organizations are eligible to take up the activity.
  • Assurance/ willingness of the applicants viz. State Fisheries Department/ Research Institutes/Quasi Government organizations to made specific provision in the budget for the required funds other than NFDB grant towards capital investment, working capital costs and staff costs for successful operations of the unit.

For private entrepreneurs:

  • Clear title of the land in the name of the applicant
  • Detailed Project Report


  • The unit cost for establishing an extruded floating pelleted feed mill for trout with production capacity of 3 ton/hour has been estimated as Rs.500 Lakh/unit.
  • The NFDB shall extend 100% financial assistance as one time grant to State Fisheries Departments/Research Institutes/Quasi Government organizations.

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