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West Bengal: Scheme For Establishment Of Trout Seed Hatchery

West Bengal Govt. has come up with a new scheme to provide subsidy on term loan to fish farmers for establishing trout seed hatchery. There are different types incubator units designed with different sizes depending on the brood stock available and production of quantity seed.


  • Clear title of the land in the name of the applicant
  • If, the land is on lease, lease deed for a minimum period of 7 years
  • Past performance of the farmer/entrepreneur in trout farming including record of his/ her training in the said activity
  • Should not be defaulter with any financial institution/Government
  • Assurance/ willingness of the entrepreneur/farmer to revolve the sale proceeds towards the inputs for subsequent operations
  • Assurance/ willingness of the entrepreneur/farmer for availing bank loan towards non- subsidy portion of the investment towards capital cost and first year input costs.


  • The unit cost for establishment of trout hatchery with a production capacity of 0.2-0.3 million fry /year has been proposed as Rs.12 Lakhs/unit.
  • The back-ended subsidy @20% of the unit cost shall be provided for the eligible farmers/entrepreneurs.

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