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West Bengal: Welfare Scheme For Labours

Welfare schemes for Labours are introduced by the Labour Department which aims at improving the physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of the employees which in turn increase the morale and efficiency of the workers to work. The welfare amenities extended to the workers play an important role in improving the standard of living to ameliorate the social condition of labour. The objective of labour welfare schemes is to make the life worth living of the workers and their family members.

1.Financial Assistance to participants in state, national & international level sports and games

Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided to wards of the labours, who participate in sports and games at State, National and International Level.

Level Assistance Amount
State Level Rs. 5,000
National Level Rs. 10,000
International Level Rs. 25,000

2. Financial Assistance to the Workers for Critical Disease

In case of critical diseases like cancer, bypass surgery or kidney transplantation, the contributors and their families members will get subsidy of Rs. 15,000/- from the Board.

3. Distribution of Test Papers and Students Exercise Books

Under this scheme, The Board distributes Test Papers free of cost to the wards of the contributing workers appearing at the Secondary and Higher Secondary examination every year. The school going wards of class V to X hailing from the families of contributing workers are given 4 student-exercise-books each free of cost every year.

4. Skill Based Computer Training and Vocational Training

There are two types of training provided in this scheme. First, Training in sewing and cutting is imparted by the trained instructors in different Labour Welfare Centers. The trainees, who stand 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the examination at the end of the training course, are awarded with sewing machine.

Second is Lab Web Training under which quality computer training is provided to wards of the contributing workers at a subsidized fee. The Board reimburses 50% of the course fee to each such ward of the contributing worker. At the end of the course, certificate of computer training is issued to each successful candidate jointly by the Board and Webel.

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