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3 cities from India win IBM’s Smart City Challenge


  • 3 cities from India were among the winners of this challenge.
  • Allahabad UP, Vishakhapatnam AP, Surat Gujarat

More Details

What is the Challenge?

  • The Smarter Cities Challenge deploys top IBM experts to help cities around the world address their most critical challenges.
  • They do this by putting teams on the ground for three weeks to work closely with city leaders and deliver recommendations on how to make the city smarter and more effective.
  • The Smarter Cities Challenge is IBM’s largest philanthropic initiative, with contributions to date valued at more than $50 million. Since 2010, IBM has deployed 700 top experts to help 116 cities around the world. In 2015, the program was extended for a fifth year, with additional projects to be deployed through 2016.

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