C-DoT’s WiFi products to ease connectivity in rural areas :Digital India


  • Communications minister unveiled new broadband products developed by the government’s telecom research arm, Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT), on the launch of Digital India programme.
  • C-DoT has developed two WiFi products long distance and solar-powered WiFi to address connectivity issues in rural areas, hilly terrain, highways in dense vegetation and tunnels.
  • C-DoT’s long-distance WiFi products could solve the problem of distance, whereas its solar powered WiFi solution would reduce dependence on grid power.
  • It has also developed a green power source to make the broadband solution self-sustainable.
  • Government is committed to bring all 2.5 lakh villages under broadband services and enhance internet penetration from 300 million to 500 million within two and a half years.

    Source: ET

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