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Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme (BIG)

The Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) scheme of the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Government of India. The scheme enables technology innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue a promising technology idea, and establish and validate proof of concept (POC) for the idea. By funding establishment and validation of POC, BIRAC wishes ...

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Glue Grant Scheme : Implementing Bio-Medical research to field application

Department of Biotechnology has initiated an envisage scheme that bridge the gap between laboratory or field reseach and its application to clinical and policy outcomes.This scheme aims to link basic,clinical and public health research. Objective: To provide funding to those organisation that bridge the gap between laboratory research and its ...

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Life Science Policy: Telangana

The life sciences sector, characterized by high investments and high demand, continues to remain the mainstay of scientific research across the world. The sector promises extraordinary potential in many emerging areas of development such as oncology, bio-similar development, development of vaccines and viral drugs, new drug developments in the emerging ...

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Scheme for Recognition and Registration of In-house R&D units of Corporate Industries

The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research(DSIR),Govt of India is operating a scheme for granting recognition & registration to in-house R&D units established by corporate industry. This is the only scheme in the entire government set-up for benchmarking the industrial R&D. Objective: To boost R&D departments of India so that ...

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Madhya Pradesh Biotechnology Policy

  Biotechnology is a key feature for the socio-economic development of the state.The Development of the various species by modification into their genetic data is referred to as the Biotechnology. To enhance this Madhya Pradesh Government, have their biotechnology policy whose key features are listed below. Objectives: Production of high-yielding, ...

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