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Financial Assistance to Government High Schools of Goa

Every year 50 Govt. high schools from Goa shall be given Financial Assistance towards purchase of musical equipment, remuneration of the music teachers/accompanists and maintenance charges to music teachers/accompanist for their official visit to the department. The Key features are enlisted below:


The objective of the scheme is to provide Financial Assistance to Govt. High Schools for imparting cultural education by way of conducting regular classes in Performing Arts i.e Music/Dance/Drama etc., for the benefit of Govt. school students.

Assistance Provided:

Funds will be allotted in the following manner:

  • The funds of Rs. 20,000/- per school shall be sanctioned and paid towards purchase of musical equipment as initial grant to start music classes.
  • Artist/Musician @Rs.7000/- P.M. as Remuneration. (Sr. Teacher)
  • 1000/- to be given per year as maintenance of the musical instruments.
  • 10,000/- to be given once in three years to take care/add to the earlier Musical equipment.
  • Artist/Musician @Rs.5000/- P.M. as Remuneration. (Accompanist) (Under qualified Sr. Music teacher will get Rs. 6000/- p.m. and accompanist Rs. 4000/-  respectively). Thus the Remuneration to the music teachers will be paid Monthly. The Govt. schools are allotted funds towards remuneration of Music Teacher/accompanist and to be paid as per their attendance. The Govt. schools have to present status report showing the amount utilized by the school for the year ending.

Fields to Be Opted by The Schools

The Schools are at liberty to the field of their choice Vocal/Instrumental/Classical dance/Drama/Western music etc.

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