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CBSE directs schools to instal solar panels

  • To reduce the air pollution and electricity consumption, the CBSE has directed the affiliated schools to instal solar panels.
  • As significant amount of power is consumed in the educational institutions, having solar panels is likely to reduce the consumption of power from electricity grids which will help reduce the power bills.
  • The CBSE has directed that the schools should utilise the rooftops or unused areas to instal solar panels to meet the electricity need at schools or as the power backup.
  • The schools will not have to bank upon the diesel-run general sets which will also help lower the air pollution. The orders also state that cost-saving will contribute to the financial stability of the schools in the long run.“Installation of solar panels at schools will have double benefit — lowering the electricity bills and creating awareness among students about the use of solar energy and the renewable sources of energy,” said Rohit, a schoolteacher.


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