Central Govt. Gender Budgeting Scheme

Name of the scheme: Gender Budgeting Scheme

Purpose: The main purposes of the scheme are listed below:

  • To coordinate and monitor gender budgeting exercises of GBCs and facilitate gender budgeting analysis.
  • To organize workshops to facilitate capacity building and training for various stakeholders including officials of Central and State Governments, PSUs, corporate sector, PRIs and NGOs, etc.
  • To provide assistance to develop training modules/packages, training material and information booklets and manuals for gender budgeting for all stakeholders.
  • To encourage State Governments and PRIs in evolving plans and strategies for undertaking gender budgeting by providing assistance, support and consultancy services for organizing Workshops, Seminars, Training Programmes, etc.
  • To provide assistance to support research studies, surveys, etc to Research Institutes, NGOs, etc for gender budgeting.
  • To pilot action on gender sensitive review of national policies such as fiscal, monetary, environment, trade etc.

Eligibility of the implementing organisation/agencies:

The implementing agencies can be-

  1. Social Welfare Department, State Government
  2. Women and Child Welfare Department, State Government
  3. Women’s Development Corporations
  4. State Commissions for Women
  5. Women’s Development Centres
  6. Rural (Panchayati Raj Institutions) & Urban Local Bodies
  7. Voluntary Organizations with three years experience after registration
  8. Universities & UGC approved Institutions
  9. Public Sector Undertakings etc
  • The organization must have adequate experience in implementing women and child related projects and programmes etc.
  • It should have facilities, resources and personnel to implement the project for which assistance is sought.

Grants under the scheme

Grant will include:

  1. Grants for Research & Documentation
  2. Grants for Training
  3. Grants for Sustained and Combined Research and Training Activities

Grants for Research & Documentation –

S. No. Components No. Expenditure & Justification
1. Staff    
i. Project Director 1 Honorarium as per GOI norms
ii. Project Coordinator 1 Consolidated Pay, equivalent to the minimum pay of Deputy Director, GOI
iii. Research Officer As per project justification Consolidated Pay, equivalent to the minimum pay of Assistant Director, GOI
iv. Research Associates As per project justification Consolidated Pay, equivalent to the minimum pay of Investigators, GOI
v. Secretarial Staff-Typist @ half of the project period 1 Consolidated Pay, equivalent to the minimum pay of Typist, GOI
2 Travel Cost   As per GOI rules
i. Research Officer and Below   By Sleeper II Class Rail fare
ii. Others   By AC III tier
iii. Project Director   By air in specific cases and only with prior permission of the Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development
3 DA Rates   As per the concerned organization’s rates or the GOI rates whichever is less, Typist will be eligible for the GOI group ‘C’ lowest DA rates for half the project period
4 Printing of Schedules and Report   As per requirement and justification
5 Purchase and hire of Equipments   As per requirement and justification
6 Data Processing Charges   Actual Cost
7 Contingency including Books and stationary etc.   5% of the project cost
8 Overhead charges including rent, cost to the institute, etc   5% of the project cost. However, in case of UGC approved institutions or an institute wholly supported by Union or State Government the rates as applicable in the institutions
9 Seed Money for Project Preparation   Rs. 5,000 lumpsum
10 Expert opinion fees on the project, mid-term evaluation or on the final report (Honorarium) As per project justification Rs. 1000 per opinion. (Honorarium)

Grants for Training-

The Ministry of Women and Child Development may also organize capacity building workshops. Further, expenditure on meetings of different committees constituted by the Ministry on gender budgeting issues may also be met under the scheme. The Project Sanctioning Committee on case to case basis for national workshops may relax the stipulated conditions for grants and give permission for compering, rapporteuring and translations. In such cases the maximum limit will be Rs. 15, 000/- for a comperer, Rs. 750/- for a rapporteur and translation charges will be as per actuals or GOI rule.

Grants for Sustained and Combined Research and Training Activities-

Grants under this category will be given to organizations/institutions for conducting research as well as for organizing training workshops, targeting a particular area/group. Such proposals involving both research and training will be self contained with proper justification. The proposals for grants under this category will broadly follow the guidelines mentioned under research and training grants separately.

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