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Central Govt. Launches You Tube Channel for Finance Ministry: Arun Jaitley

In accordance with the central government’s strategy to directly reaching out to citizens, the government now has launched a You Tube channel for the Ministry of Finance.

  • Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley said that the ministry from time to time keep announcing and launching new statements regarding Indian economy and there is a huge need for a platform where all the information regarding finance and Indian economy are available for public to know and discuss.
  • Jaitley also has revealed that though most of the activities of the ministry are available for the public but to make it much easier for the whole world to know, this You Tube channel will be quite handy.
  • The Official You Tube channel will distribute information of the ministry through videos to make it easier for people to understand. The channel will have videos about schemes/policies, major events, delegate meetings and press conferences.
  • Main objective is to engage Indian people and bridge thee information gap.

(Source: ET)

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