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Central Govt. Sponsored scheme to Upgrade Merits of Students from Scheduled Tribe

Name of the Scheme: Upgradation of Merit of ST Students

Purpose: The purpose of the scheme is to upgrade the merit of ST students by providing them remedial and special coaching in classes IX to XII.

Salient features:

  • The State Government/UT Administration first selects certain schools in different Districts or towns with hostel facilities which show excellence in performance of students from class IX to XII.
  • The Ministry fixes the total number of awards for each State annually.
  • Coaching starts from class IX in the identified schools and continues till the awardees complete class XII.
  • Coaching is provided in languages, science, mathematics as well as special coaching for admission to professional courses like engineering and medicine.
  • While selecting the students belonging to Scheduled Tribes, the aim is to include at least 30% girl students and 3% disabled students.
  • The scheme provides for 100% central assistance to the States/UT’s.

Financial benefits:

A package grant of Rs. 19,500/- per students per year comprising the following:-

Rs. 11,500/- per students per year as under:

  • Boarding & lodging charges of Rs. 700/- per month for 10 months= Rs. 7,000/-
  • Pocket Money at Rs. 200/- per month for 10 months= Rs. 2,000/-
  • Books and Stationery= Rs. 2,500/-

Honorarium of Rs. 8,000/- per annum for each student will be given as well.

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