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Cultural Function and Production Grant Scheme (CFPGS)

The Scheme covers all ‘not-for-profit’ organizations, NGOs, Societies, Trusts, Universities and individual for supporting the Seminars, Conference, Research, Workshops, Festivals, Exhibitions, Symposia, Production of Dance, Drama-Theatre, Music etc. and small research projects on different aspects of Indian Culture.

The scheme will, however, not be applicable to such organizations or institutions which are functioning as religious institutions, or as schools/colleges. The Scheme is not meant for College/University Festivals.

Grant will be provided for all types of interactive fora such as conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, festivals and exhibitions, production on any subject important to the preservation or promotion of cultural heritage, arts, letters and other creative endeavors.


  • The applicant organization that are voluntary organizations or NGOs, should, in order to qualify for the grant, have a properly constituted managing body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in the form of a written constitution. This is not applicable in respect of individual.
  • The Organization/individual must have tied up or planned the matching resources at least to the extent of 25 % of the project cost.
  • The Organization/individual should have facilities, resources, personnel and experience to take up the event/ project for which a grant is required.
  • Past experience of holding such functions, as applied for, would be given preference.

Types of activities to be assisted and extent of assistance:

Financial assistance may be given for the following purposes:

  • Holding of Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, Festivals, Exhibitions, Production of Dance, Drama-Theatre, Music etc. and undertaking small research projects, etc. on any art forms/important cultural matters.
  • To meet expenditure on activities of development nature like conduct of surveys, pilot projects, etc. on cultural subjects including publications thereof.

Quantum of assistance

  • Grant for specific projects under Para 4 above shall be restricted to 75% of the expenditure, subject to a maximum of Rs.5.00 lakhs per project as recommended by the Expert Committee.
  • The Ministry may in exceptional circumstances, increase the assistance to any project of outstanding merit and relevance upto Rs. 20 Lakhs with the approval of Hon’ble Minister of Culture.

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