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Delhi Solar Policy

With the need of renewable sources of energy, Delhi had shown its potential that they have solar electricity producing capability. The high cost and low potential for wind or hydro power, Delhi must focus on rooftop solar as its primary source of renewable energy. Delhi had already installed 7 MW of rooftop solar capacity. To achieve its solar power generation targets, this Policy mandates solar installations to be completed within 5 years.


  • Reduce reliability on Non-Renewable sources.
  • Encourage market and public private partnership approach.
  • Enabling transparency for all stakeholder, rooftops owners, investors, consumers.
  • Grid connectivity for all solar plants by simplifying and streamlining processes and methods.
  • Employment in Solar sector.
  • Incentives for the domestic segment where solar power costs are yet to achieve.
  • Facilitate access to loans at preferential interest rates through various schemes that may be introduced from time to time, whether through public or private channels.
  • Establish policy implementation, monitoring and compliance framework.


  • Electricity consumers under all electricity tariffs
  • Entities that setup and operate power plants


  • Promote the installation of solar power plants under Renewable Energy Certificate.
  • Development of Grid Connected solar plants on rooftops.
  • Grid connected solar plants will follow the policy of CEA (Grid Standard) Regulations, 2013.
  • A (Generation Based Incentives) GBI of INR 2.00 per unit (kWh) of gross solar energy generated is being offered for 3 years only, starting from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2018.
  • Electricity Tax (currently 5%) shall be made free for solar energy units generated, whether for self-consumption or supplied to the grid.
  • Consumer who will opt solar energy to sell power to grid shall be made free from all house tax or commercial tax.
  • All solar panels, inverters, energy meters, and other devices purchased for the installation of solar plants in Delhi shall be made free from VAT and entry tax.
  • The Delhi Government is formulating ideas for exemption (free) on wheeling, banking and transmission charges for solar electricity generated or consumed within the state.

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