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Fast-track trial against Corrupt Government officials


  • The Central Vigilance Commission has amended the process of granting sanction to fast-track trial against government officials under probe by CBI and other agencies for corruption charges, reducing delays in deciding on such requests.


  1. The CVC has decided to give up the practice of holding a meeting with the department of the official facing the allegations, which often delayed granting of sanction, said a CVC circular issued on April 16.
  2. It will now not entertain appeals against the CVC’s decision to grant prosecution sanction unless fresh material is produced. “The concerned ministry/department is required to refer the case to the commission for reconsideration only in exceptional cases when new facts come to light” the circular said.
  3. According to the new circular, wherever there is dispute over prosecution sanction between investigation agencies and departments, it would be resolved by CVC on the basis of available documents and tentative views of the department concerned.
  4. It emphasized on the  need to stick to the time limit of three months for grant of sanction or otherwise, the CVC observed that the “competent authorities take unduly long time in deciding these matters”.
  5. The circular has also spelt out that in case of all non-presidential appointees, the department concerned will have to give its views regarding the action to be taken against the official within three weeks.

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