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Financial help for Rape Victims: Himachal Pradesh

Financial Assistance and Support Services to Rape Victims Scheme: 2012


To provide affected women with financial as well as support services like shelter, counselling, medical aid etc.


  • Affected woman will be entitled to financial assistance and restorative support upto a maximum of Rs.75,000.
  • In case of special cases, District Board can give additional assistance upto Rs. 25,000.

How to Apply

  • On the occurrence of the incident, FIR should be launched as soon as possible.
  • Medical examination of the woman must also be completed.
  • The SHO of the police station shall forward the copy of FIR, Medical report and investigation report by Investigating Officer to the District Board within 72 hours.
  • Submit the Death Certificate if legal heirs of the deceased woman are applying on her behalf.

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