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Financial Support to Needy Sportspersons

Sports is always the game for enthusiastic persons and so the Sportspersons. Sometimes the enthusiastic may also have adverse effect as Sportspersons gets injury during their play or they also face family barrier .Seeing this, Government of India has initiated this scheme to help these needy Sportspersons.


  • Assistance to outstanding sportspersons now living in indigent sportspersons
  • Provide suitable assistance to outstanding sportspersons injured during the period of their training for competitions and also during the competitions, depending on the nature of the injury
  • Assistance to sportspersons who bring glory to the country in International field
  • Disabled as an after effect of their strenuous training or otherwise and to provide them assistance for medical treatment.


  • Needy Sportspersons in India.


  • Assistance to Sportspersons living in indigent circumstances.
  • Assistance for injuries sustained during training for and participation in sports competitions.
  • Assistance to Families of deceased Outstanding Sportspersons.
  • Assistance for Medical Treatment.
  • Assistance to coaches, support personnel, umpires, referees and match officials.

How to Apply:

Fill the form provided in More Info Link and contact to-


National Welfare Fund for Sportsperson,

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports,

Shastri Bhawan,

New Delhi – 110001.

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